Facade, Sylter Welle

Sylter Welle

Experience the beauty and durability of our Starlight White on Sylt

We are delighted to be able to present translucent concrete in one of the most beautiful leisure pools in Germany: the entrance portal of the Sylter Welle on Sylt. Here, we used our high-quality Starlight White material measuring 1.20 x 60 cm to create an inviting and durable entrance.

The portal shines thanks to the warm white lighting and attracts everyone’s attention. A special eye-catcher is the sandblasted and then painted lettering, which gives the entrance area an elegant and modern touch.

The Sylter Welle leisure pool, located directly by the sea, is a challenging environment for any material. But our Starlight White shows its true strength here: robustness and durability. Despite constant exposure to wind, weather and salt water, it remains immaculate and beautiful. Since 2017, our product has been proving that it can withstand even the toughest conditions without losing any of its quality and aesthetics.

Visit the Sylt Wave and see the durability and elegance of our Starlight white for yourself. A project that shows how our materials meet the highest demands.