Building with light

Although architects, planners and builders each plan and realise individual projects, some fields have emerged over the 15 years of experience in which translucent concrete has a very special effect and where there are special requirements in the realisation. For example, different surface protection systems must be used in damp areas such as public swimming pools than on facades or car parks.

The main areas of application for translucent concrete have turned out to be company entrances (corporate), façades, digital advertising space (advertising), infrastructure projects, signage and wellness areas.

The corporate sector mainly includes representative reception areas such as counters, wall cladding or illuminated floors, but also company signs and outdoor lighting.

Facades are considered a separate area, especially because of high technical requirements. In façade construction, standardisation and approval issues must be considered in addition to aesthetic requirements. LUCEM advises builders and planners worldwide on the design of façades.

Digital advertising surfaces offer the possibility of letting personalised messages shine through walls.

Under infrastructure projects we include all applications that enable road or car park construction with light.

Guidance is the digital technology behind the luminous concrete: in particular, the interface to sensors and control systems plays an important role here. For example, free parking spaces can be easily found with our illuminated blocks and the corresponding control system.

Finally, the SPA sector covers the areas of health, swimming pools and wellness – perfect places for our translucent concrete. Outstanding highlights can also be created with LUCEM in new hospital buildings or during renovation.


Digital Concrete




Medical Practices