LUCEM: Shining a light on sustainability

 Highly effective building material and sustainability allrounder: Concrete is not only incredibly durable but also a genuine value-added-wonder. We at LUCEM are truly passionate about concrete – and we’re passionate about the future. It’s our responsibility to build products that last for generations with production techniques that have the least possible impact on the environment. This is why we’re fully committed circularity of raw materials. When it comes to recycling of our products, we take things even further: Each generation of LUCEM panels serves as a source for the next generation that literally sees the light one day in our manufactory in Aachen.


Next-level circularity 

We engage in recycling our raw material to the max, without losing any of the shining translucent power of our panels. How that works? Innovative recycling tecniques transform disused LUCEM panels into a reservoir for new products. Through breaking down the panels into smaller fractions we manage to fully expose the light-conducting fibers. The next step is all about heavy duty-cleaning: The 0.1 to 3 mm small granules are having a wash in a water bath – the light-conducting fibers float to the top while the concrete particles automatically sink to the bottom. This not only makes it easy to separate the materials, but to reuse them effectively: Thermoplastic fibres undergo a melting process and the sinking sand grains regain a new life as an aggregate for concrete. At LUCEM, we’re taking circularity to the next level. By creating massive values that retain their radiance over generations.