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Light transmitting concrete

Originally, LUCEM started with only one variant of the light transmitting concrete: LUCEM LINE. Still our premium product today. 200,000 fibres per square metre, high uniformity, light and shade can be displayed perfectly. But with experience we have learned that there are also other requirements and have developed 4 different materials.

Each of these materials can of course be produced in a wide range of variations, varying in surface, colour, format and also fibre density.

The four basic materials LUCEM produces are:

LINE has the highest fibre density and at the same time the smallest fibre diameter. Everything is produced in a layered structure.

STARLIGHT is characterised by large and small fibres with diameters up to 6 mm, whereby the fibres are statistically but evenly distributed.

With LABEL, the fibres are arranged exactly according to the customer’s wishes. Optionally as a flat panel with lettering or even as a 3D panel with protruding lettering.

Finally, PURE is our matching supplement without any fibres but with the same concrete recipe, colour and surface treatment.

All our materials are produced with raw materials from our partner HOLCIM. Quality and sustainability are the main selection criteria. The sustainability of all LUCEM concrete products is ensured by the close cooperation with HOLCIM. CO2-reduced cements as well as optimised concrete formulations are used. At the same time, a recycling concept is developed whereby all LUCEM slabs are actually only the raw material for new concrete products.

Our Prodcut line

Sea of Lights

As unique as our light transmitting concrete is, as extraordinary are the possibilities with it: Partition walls become shadow theatres, facades become luminous signs. Thanks to the different types of the slabs, there are no limits to the way rooms and surfaces can be designed.





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