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Entrance areas

Especially in the entrance area of companies, the use of LUCEM illuminated concrete ensures a lasting first impression. For example, with lighting effects at the reception desk or lobby area. LUCEM translucent concrete elements backlit in different colours impress guests and customers, but also employees. Illuminated walls and floors in the entrance area create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Individualised welcome texts can be displayed as well as daily updated information: e.g. room allocation, directions, time. Moreover, at the car park, visitors can already be shown the way to the entrance area and the meeting room by individual lighting guidance. In the lobby area, further information on rooms, wellness areas and the day ticket can be displayed by/through the concrete.


All LUCEM products can be used in entrance areas: LUCEM LINE for uniform, large-area lighting and digital displays, LUCEM STARLIGHT for punctual sparkle as well as LUCEM PURE as a supplement in exactly the same colour scheme and surface design. We are happy to take on the planning and implementation of your projects with our interior designers: Reception counter, entrance area, floor, lobby area, company sign/logo, direction finding, car park. Together with our partners, we provide complete solutions. 

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