Anwendung: Öffentlicher Raum

Public Spaces

Stable and durable materials are particularly important in public spaces. LUCEM translucent concrete offers these properties in combination with intelligent light. In this way, robust surfaces can be designed in outdoor areas. The DIN ISO 9001 and 14001 certifies LUCEM GmbH as a reliable partner for private and municipal building owners.
All LUCEM products can be used in public spaces: LUCEM LINE for uniform, large-area lighting and digital displays, LUCEM STARLIGHT for punctual sparkle as well as LUCEM PURE as a supplement in exactly the same colour scheme and surface design. Likewise, LUCEM LED paving stones can give structure to public spaces and parking areas.
Together with our partners, we supply complete solutions from a single source. LUCEM products are absolutely weatherproof, UV and weather-resistant. With transparent protective systems specially developed by LUCEM GmbH, our products are also protected against graffiti.

Due to their high visibility, the luminous LUCEM installations quickly become city brands: for example, the entrance portal of the Sylter Welle in Westerland/ Sylt, designed by Michael Krieger (Krieger Architekten/ Velbert) or the Urban Star, the Augsburg placed installation by architect Moritz Schloten (Architekturbüro Annabau/ Berlin).

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